Lead Vocals and Percussion

Lake Charles, Louisiana

Who would have thought that my mom's "Barry Manilow-Live" Album would be my inspiration to be a singer? True story."

Growing up in Louisiana, Tabby was surrounded by music. His family had an old piano in the house and both his parents  noticed how easy it was for him to pick up songs by ear. My mom, she loved Barry Manilow, so I heard that record alot, and after some time, I figured I could do that too, and began practicing in earnest.

While still just a young lad, he got the opportunity to be a "front man" for the very first time, courtesy of his uncles who were all musicians that played, sang, and performed locally at several different venues. One evening they asked me to join them onstage, so without hesitation, I jumped up, grabbed the mic, and belted out "Brown Eyed Girl." The audience went crazy, and my family knew they had unleashed my inner passion for music and live performance. I can't thank them enough.

After attending Louisiana State University where he studied music theory, composition and arranging, all of which have helped him enormously in his musical endeavors, he moved to South Florida and started singing and fronting several bands, all with a variety of musical styles, from an oldies group, to a blues band, a hard rock band, a pop rock band and let's not forget an Irish band....of all things.

Finding himself most comfortable at center stage with B Side Jones, Tabby takes the excitement of leaving a vapor trail on his Ducati motorcycle combining it with the exuberance of performing to audiences across South Florida and parlays it into the best funk/rock party you'll experience at every B Side Jones Show!