Jim Mullen


Born in Rapid City South Dakota to a salesman dad and a housewife mom, Jim spent his early years growing up near Buffalo New York with his 6 siblings of whom he is the eldest and the only musician.
At the age of 9 Jim took up the trumpet, and immediately knew he would be playing music for the rest of his life.  

He remembers a time during high school, at the start of every band class, his teacher would make him stand at the front and play high C's until he got it right.  And he persevered which eventually led Jim to perform in many well-known bands around Buffalo area including The Pegasus Big Band and Brass Heat.  

His love of music got him his first job teaching instrumental music at the School for the Deaf in Rome New York, and in1982 after deciding he had enough of the cold northern temperatures, he packed up and moved south to Florida where he continued his teaching career at Pine Crest School. 

Currently, Jim continues to teach music, plays locally with different community and jazz bands and loves to spend time with his 2 grandkids after raising 2 kids of his own.

Working trumpet duty for B-Side Jones is a very challenging task, and Jim handles it with ease, while pulling from his early musical experiences of funk, R&B, and Jazz.  So when you hear those soaring high notes cutting through a BSJ performance, know that it’s none other than the trumpet master himself -  Jim Mullen!!