Dave Hemingway


Merritt Island, Fl

Dave Hemingway is without a doubt, the man who puts the funk in B-Side Jones!!   
Starting on guitar at age 12 and then switching to bass several years later, music became his passion and eventually a way of life.  
Once he finished high school, Dave moved from Merritt Island, Florida to Lafayette Louisiana where he became entrenched in the local music scene and played with numerous projects.
Soon after he arrived in the Bayou State, a friend turned him on to 2 bassists making a big noise on the international jazz scene and blazing a path on the new frontier of jazz fusion - Stanley Clarke and Jaco Pastorius.  Suddenly, bass took on a whole new meaning, and completely changed Dave's musical direction and goals.

He spent some time as the bassist in the house band at the famed "Antlers Club" and had the pleasure of jamming with the legendary Dr. John on one of many great nights playing in New Orleans.

Dave eventually returned to south Florida where he raised a family and continued playing with various bands, one of which was an opening act for Ted Nugent.  Needless to say, he's spent years studying and performing, and as all great musicians do, continues to perfect his abilities in the musical areas of funk, rock, blues, and jazz.

As the bassist, and fondly known as the most "chill" member of  BSJ, Dave has the ultimate responsibility bestowned upon him -  to inject "the groove" that undeniably fuels B-Side Jones - and boy he does it well!!